Health and Safety.

More than ever before, maintenance managers are playing attention to health and safety issues related to commercial flooring coatings and application processes. Durable Floors offers commercial floor products that do not require buffing, waxing or stripping or frequent recoating. Our product recommendations deliver consistent shine on commercial floors for 18-36 months with just regular cleaning. We take care to recommend commercial coatings and applications that minimize the impact on working conditions for your staff and the overall environment. In one example Durable Floors EXTREME product has a coefficient of friction greater than 0.70 that exceeds OSHA guidelines for slip resistance. Better slip resistance means a safer commercial floor coating solution. Maintenance managers can reduce the amount of water, chemicals and energy need to clean floors coated with Durable Floors EXTREME.

Commercial flooring coatings from Durable Floors offer more benefits than just shiny clean floors. Cost effective and efficient to apply, our recommendations require no buffing. That means reduced air born dust particles and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

The right commercial floor coating can also provide infection and microbial control and inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria. Research suggests that 65 percent of facility contamination originates in the restrooms.

Paying attention to health and safety concerns doesn’t mean higher costs. In fact, using commercial floor coatings from Durable Floors means less maintenance, no waxing, buffing and stripping floors.