Concrete – Floor Coating.

Concrete commercial flooring is constructed using a mixture of Portland cement, sand, and gravel. Today, as facilities managers are looking for environmentally sustainable materials, concrete is considered a “green” choice because it is a natural material. As the use of concrete as commercial flooring option expands, facilities managers have more design and application options to choose from.

Concrete has great strength, but construction methods and applications mean the condition of commercial floors can vary greatly from one floor to the next. Significant financial investments are needed to create beautiful decorative concrete floors. Protecting this flooring investment is crucial, however it is often not done properly. The material is porous and sensitive to acid and alkaline attack. Without proper attention and maintenance the floors can be discolored and stained.

Durable Floors can recommend commercial coatings to reduce maintenance time and costs on a wide variety of surfaces including concrete. One thin coat of EXTREME will protect concrete floors and make the surfaces easy to clean and maintain. Maintaining a natural look is often desired and is definitely attainable through the use of EXTREME. Adding one thin coat of EXTREME will protect your concrete counter top from etching and staining.