Ceramic Tile – Floor Coating.

The ceramic tile family includes ceramic mosaics, quarry tile, and paved tile. Each of these forms of ceramic tile can vary widely in porosity. While patterns and intricate designs are possible when ceramic tile is used as a commercial flooring material, there are significant trade-offs.

Since the grout used between the edges of ceramic tile is often porous dirt and biofilms can accumulate over time and make the surface difficult to clean properly. The grout edges can become discolored and distract from the design and beauty of the original ceramic tile installation. Resilient tile floors can be slippery, especially when wet, raising concerns for the safety of the people using the facility.

Durable Floors can recommend commercial coatings to reduce maintenance time and costs on a wide variety of surfaces including ceramic tile. One easy to apply coat of EXTREME will make the tile and grout easy to maintain without the use of caustic or invasive cleaning processes. Additional non-slip additives can increase the static and dynamic coefficient of friction (scof & dcof). The result is a commercial floor that is very attractive to the building’s residents as well as easy to maintain and clean by facilities managers.