Rubber Flooring – Floor Coating.

Rubber flooring is flexible and is often used in commercial floor applications in recreational and multi-purpose rooms. The cushioned commercial flooring material offers facilities managers a range of applications. Generally, rubber flooring is available in tile and sheet forms.

While offering some advantages over other commercial flooring materials, rubber flooring has some unique maintenance requirements. Since rubber flooring contains sulfur, the material can yellow over time. Although some rubber floors can be buffed or burnished to a high gloss without a finish coating, but most rubber commercial floors require a floor finish for high gloss and ease of maintenance.

Durable Floors can recommend commercial coatings to reduce maintenance time and costs. One coat of Epic will enhance rubber flooring to a “better than new” status making the floor shiny and easier to clean.

Durable Floors provides facilities managers with expert advice on the most effective commercial floor coatings and application processes that keep these surfaces looking clean, shiny and well maintained. We have coating product options for every commercial floor surface including VCT, sheet vinyl, linoleum, no wax floors, asphalt tile and rubber flooring, ceramic tile, quarry tile, terrazzo, and concrete. Let us show you how to protect the thousands of square feet of commercial flooring that you manage.