Linoleum – Floor Coating.

Many linoleum floors are a very old type of flooring constructed of linseed oil and felt. Many people call any resilient flooring “linoleum”, but true linoleum floors were very rare until recently. Beginning in 2000, select manufacturers have been offering these commercial flooring products for their customers because of the rich deep colors and appearance.

Facilities managers have learned that these linoleum products are very sensitive to both solvents and alkalinity (hypersensitive). Managers also find that it is very difficult to safely strip a true linoleum floor. Durable Floors recommends using a linoleum safe stripper that should be used to cut through any existing acrylic floor finish. A linoleum floor should always be completely cured (from the manufacturing process) before any finish is applied.

Linoleum manufacturers typically recommend that customers do not apply any waxes or coatings to the floor. Given the hard use, most commercial floors receive most maintenance managers want flooring surfaces that can be protected and cleaned.

Durable Floors can recommend commercial coatings to reduce maintenance time and costs. One coat of EXTREME will protect linoleum floors and make it cleanable and simultaneously eliminating the risk of ongoing stripping processes required with traditional acrylic finishes.